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The podcast dedicated to understanding 1980s pop culture, Beyond the Neon looks past the nostalgia to get beneath the skin of the decade of excess. With guest contributors from across the academic world, each documentary show looks at a different aspect of the era and examines the social, political and economic climate of the day.

Mar 27, 2018

The podcast dedicated to the 1980s continues to plumb the depths of the decade and ponder its wildest, most wonderful moments...

In the first of a two-part epic show, I delve head-first into easily the most important toy franchise of my childhood - and one I still cherish today - The Transformers.

Ahead of a new dedicated episode of his series The Toys That Made Us, I speak with producer Brian Volk Weiss about the magic of the franchise, chat to childhood hero and writer/editor of the Transformers UK comic Simon Furman, and ask Dr Steve Henderson, senior lecturer in animation at Manchester Metropolitan University, about the impact of the animated series.

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