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The podcast dedicated to understanding 1980s pop culture, Beyond the Neon looks past the nostalgia to get beneath the skin of the decade of excess. With guest contributors from across the academic world, each documentary show looks at a different aspect of the era and examines the social, political and economic climate of the day.

Jul 3, 2018

The podcast dedicated to the 1980s continues to plumb the depths of the decade and ponder its wildest, most wonderful moments...

In the second of a two-part epic show, I continue my journey into one of the most important toy franchises of the 1980s (and my childhood) The Transformers.

I'm joined by guests including The Toys That Made Us producer Brian Volk Weiss, Transformers UK and US comic writer/editor Simon Furman and animation academic Dr Steve Henderson about the impact of Transformers: The Movie (1986), as well as its impact on the wider universe of the robots in disguise. We also discuss the longevity and power of the franchise and how it is equipped for the future.

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